Project Background

The current global pandemic quarantined, isolated and hindered our social mobility, but not our creativity. As social media and websites were transforming how we connect and communicate in this challenging times, an initiative to create #PandemicLiteratureProject was conceptualised.

With the theme, "Pandemic Literature from the Philippines and Japan: Narratives of Hope, Resilience and Essential Insights in Overcoming COVID-19 Crisis", short stories and personal essays submissions based on the theme were carefully selected by the Filipino and Japanese editors of this project.

The selected and edited short stories and personal essays from the Philippines and Japan will be published in an online platform (website) created by the project proponent. 

Project Proponent and Partners

This project was initiated by the Philippine Society of Young Educators of Languages and the Arts with funding support from The Japan Foundation, Manila in partnership with the Center for Language and Literary Studies (CLLS) and the Center for Social History (CSH) of the Polytechnic University of the Philippines